Project Manager at Coffeedesk, who finds a balance between precise management and creative content creation. He follows the principle of "Where there's a will, there's a way" at work. Beyond the coffee shops, he's a tireless traveler, law student, gastronomy enthusiast, and incorrigible coffee lover.

    ‘Coffee is the sport of the food service industry’. A guy from Wągrowiec living in Poznań. A former Brisman (will always think like one), ½ of the DearJudges team and 1/1 of the Guest Coffee team. Focused on successfully creating coffee culture.

    He is famous for his uncompromising approach to the quality of served coffee. Creator of the Arabean vlog, Polish Brewers Cup Champion 2017, V-ce Champion of Polish Brewers Cup Championship 2014/15/16, V-ce Champion of Polish Cup Tasters Championship 2016, 5th in the International Chinese Barista Championship 2016.

    Tea soul - she drinks tea always and with everything! Passionately studing the secrets of the coffee world. Content Lead in Coffeedesk marketing team with strong writing skills. After hours, the lover of travel planning and new culinary experiences.

    I brew coffee, I roast coffee and I try to talk about coffee. I always want these activities to be as simple as possible.
    Yes: Hard data, legit knowledge, using the tongue, pure joy.
    No: Urban knowledge, biases, fuss, and ego fights.
    I like asking questions. Preferably the most trivial and the toughest ones. Those in the middle are simply boring, most of the time.
    Breaking patterns, questioning habits, inquisitiveness, turning beliefs upside down, mocking the doubtless faith in authorities. This is how you do it.