Expanding your café menu with new  beverage flavours opens the door to the fascinating world of coffee experiments. Do you ever stop in front of a coffee shop and curiously study its menu, looking for a novelty to try out? If yes, you’re not alone! Customers are calling for more innovative and unique flavours, craving new experiences that go beyond coffee.

You should definitely keep track of the newest trends and offer beverages unique enough to attract your customers. Here are a few suggestions that will definitely prove a smash hit with your guests and will help your coffee shop grow.

Today, in the competitive world of cafés, expanding your offer with new beverage flavours might be key to success. Customers are more and more demanding, looking for unique and surprising tastes that will let them experience coffee in a new way. So, it’s a good idea to follow trends and come up with innovative beverages that will catch your customers’ attention and make them come back to your coffee shop. After all, there’s more to the coffee world than just classic black coffee or a latte. It’s actually full of unlimited possibilities and fascinating combinations of flavours. So, get ready for a coffee adventure that will bring life to your café and wow your customers.

Tonic Espresso 

One of the most popular trends has been for some time tonic espresso: a refreshing combination of classic espresso with tonic water, which makes a perfect beverage for hot summer days. A stunning coffee flavour mixed with a subtle bitterness of tonic is a real hit among coffee lovers who are looking for something new and original. You can offer many variations of tonic espresso, with flavoured syrup or a lemon slice, to make it even more refreshing. All you need to add it to your menu are tall glasses, ice and a possibility to make espresso. In Coffeedesk cafés we serve tonic espresso with Fentimans tonic water.

Cold Brew

Another interesting and increasingly popular beverage is cold brew: a cold macerated coffee. Cold brew is made by steeping ground coffee beans in cold water for a longer period of time. To prepare it, you can use a Toddy® Cold Brew System or a professional Hard Tank. If, on the other hand, you’d like to try making cold brew at home, a good starter are Hario Cold Brew Filter-in-Bottles. You’ll get an exceptionally smooth and low-acidic beverage with an intense coffee flavour. Cold brew is a perfect refresher for summer days. It can be served with ice or milk, creating various flavour combinations that your customers will most certainly fall in love with.

Writing about cold brew, it’s impossible not to mention nitro brew. Simply put, it’s cold brew aerated with nitrogen. This process gives coffee its creamy and thick texture. It comes with a keg, so it’s served pretty much like beer. Nitro cold brew is a true surprise for the palate, offering unique sensations both in taste and in texture. Dispensing it through special taps with nitro nozzles intrigues the customers and creates one-of-a-kind sensation. You can also prepare both cold brew and nitro brew with tea – the possibilities to modify those beverages are endless.

Man Does Not Live on Coffee Alone Tea Trends

Speaking of tea trends, we should talk matcha. Although most fans of this beverage would probably hate on me for saying that, it is a green powder from Japanese tea, which can be used as a basis for making beverages. Matcha is intense in taste and rich in aroma, full of antioxidants and offering many benefits for health. The cafés typically serve matcha latte, which is a foamed milk with matcha, but sky is the limit. You can prepare matcha as a traditional hot beverage with milk, an ice latte or a smoothie, offering your customers not just an original taste, but also a healthy alternative.

How to Attract Customers with New, Fascinating Flavours of Beverages in Your Café?

If I were to choose my favourite summer beverage, it would be kombucha. Even though it’s been on the market for a couple of years already, it’s still highly popular. It’s a fermented drink based on tea, rich in probiotics and with many benefits for health. Kombucha owes its characteristic acidic taste with fruity notes to fermentation. There are many flavours of kombucha, which you can prepare by adding fruit, syrups or herbs. It’s possible to make kombucha on your own. It requires patience and some effort, but it allows you to choose its final flavour. You can also go for ready-to-drink kombuchas available on the market in abundance.

A good quality bottled coffee, or, a step further… canned coffee is another option worth considering while expanding the offer of your café. Coffees in bottles/cans, just like ice coffee, coffee with milk or sparkling drinks based on coffee, are increasingly popular. They’re perfect for customers who are looking for a convenient and quick way to drink coffee when they’re on the go.

Summing up, in the contemporary highly competitive world of coffee shops, expanding your menu with new flavours of beverages might be the key to success. Customers are more and more demanding, they are looking for unique and surprising flavours that will give them a chance to experience coffee in a new way. So, it’s a good idea to follow the trends and offer innovative beverages that will draw the attention of your customers and will bring them back to your café for more coffee experiences. After all, the world of coffee is not just about   classic black coffee or latte, but it’s actually full of unlimited possibilities and fascinating combinations of flavours. So, get ready for a coffee adventure that will bring life to your café and wow your customers!


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