1. Do you share product pictures with redistributors?
  2. Is it possible to integrate my shop with your website?
  3. Will I get a client assistant?

  4. Delivery

    1. What are the shipping rates?
    2. What are the shipping methods?
    3. Can I collect my order in person?
    4. What is the estimated delivery time?
    5. Can I track my order?
    6. Do you offer drop shipping?
    7. What should I do if I received a faulty product?

    8. Payments

      1. What payment methods are available?
      2. What is the total cost of my order?
      3. Is there any minimum delivery requirement?
      4. Where can I find the order invoice?
      5. Can I receive a pro forma invoice?
      6. What discounts will I get?
      7. Can I receive individual product procing?

      8. Orders

        1. How can I contact you for order inquiries?
        2. How long will I wait for my order?
        3. Where can I check my order status?
        4. Can I add anything to an order I have already placed?
        5. What should I do if I ordered a wrong product?
        6. Can I cancel my order?
        7. What should I do if I received a product I did not order?
        8. How can I change the shipping address of an order I have already placed?

        9. Products

          1. I am interested in a product that is not in your assortment. What should I do?
          2. When will I be able to buy a product that is temporarily unavailable?
          3. Can I get any advice in terms of choosing proper equipment?
          4. What should I do if the product I received is faulty / has a manufacturing defect?

          5. About Coffeedesk

            1. When placing an order, who am I entering into agreement with?
            2. Where is your office / warehouse located?
            3. What are your working hours?
            4. Where can I find the Terms of service?

            5. Troubleshooting

              1. I forgot my password. What should I do?